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Our History

Every summer since 1966, Fox's Lobster House has served tons of fresh Maine lobster, seafood, homemade Maine blueberry pie, and ice cream to the thousands of tourists who visit the famous Nubble Lighthouse each day. At Fox's Lobster House, lobsters are boiled the "old fashioned way" in our lobster pound, which dates back to 1936. Traditionally, Fox's was open from Father's Day through Labor Day. Over the years, the summer season has extended from the end of April through mid October. We presently employ about 65 people, most of which are York residents, ranging in age from 14-76. Fox's is all about family and employs many mothers and children, sisters and brothers, cousins, couples and friends. The three Fox children Wendy, Nathan and Justin have all grown up around the kitchen and help in various roles around "The Fox" with everything from advertising to landscaping. Various Winslow, Fox and Dunne family members have also worked at Fox's for many years and make our place special. Come see why "One Nibble on the Nubble and You're Hooked!"

Here are the milestones of how Fox's has changed throughout the years.

1936 Frank and Annie Coupe from Methuen, Massachusetts bought a little land "not fit for grazing cattle" next to the Nubble Lighthouse from William Sohier of Beverly, Massachusetts. They built a small, rustic lobster pound with an inside dining room that seated 40 people, and called it "Coupe's Lobster Pound." Besides lobster, they were famous for their fried clams. They also built a take-out stand across the street (where the Sohier Park Welcome Station is presently located)

1941 Due to World War II food shortages, the take-out stand is closed and converted it into a gift shop.

1948 Coupes sell to two chefs from Boston, who ran it for two years.

1950 Edward and Dorothy Brown from Manchester, New Hampshire bought the restaurant and changed the name to "Brown's Lobster Pound" (no relation to Brown's Old Fashioned Ice Cream on Nubble Road).

1957 The Browns sold to Ernest and Marie LePore from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Keeping up with the popularity of 1950's drive-in restaurants, the LePores built an addition onto the kitchen with a take-out window.

1965 The LePores sold to John and Geraldine Murphy from Belmont, Massachusetts.

1966 After 1 year, the Murphys sell to Bob Fox Sr., wife Tilly, and their oldest son Bob Jr. from Dracut, Massachusetts. The establishment was then renamed Fox's Lobster House.

1971 Phyllis Winslow from Ayer, Massachusetts became a waitress at Fox's Lobster House.

1972 Bob Jr. and Phyllis are married and have three children (Wendy, Nathan and Justin) between 1972 and 1980.

1974 The oceanside dining room is enlarged and renovated to seat 65 people.

1976 Bob Sr. and Tilly retired and sold their interest to Bob Jr. and Phyllis. Bob and Phyllis renovated and enlarged the old upstairs waitstaff dormitory into another dining room, adding 65 more seats with a spectacular ocean view of the Nubble Lighthouse, and added an outside picnic patio area with tables.

1986 Bob and Phyllis divorced, and Phyllis took ownership of the business by herself.

1992 Phyllis married Stephen Dunne from Bernardsville, New Jersey. Steve takes over Brown's Old Fashioned Ice Cream, leasing the building from the Brown family while running his own ice cream business.

1996 Handicap accessible bathrooms and a new entrance are added in compliance with the American Disabilities Act.

2008 Phyllis and Steve completely renovate the interior of Fox's. An Ocean Front bar and dining room transformation include panoramic windows, interior walls, ceilings, flooring and seating. The lobster tank is also updated making it more eco friendly.

2011 The Nubble Light Webcam is added providing 24 hour access.

2015 Kitchen area is redesigned with new equipment to increase efficiency. Steve and Phyllis build and open beautiful new handicapped accessible Dunne's Ice Cream with on Nubble Road closer to the lighthouse. (www.dunnesicecream.com)

2019 Seagull snatching Fox's Lobster roll photo taken by Alicia Jessop goes viral on the internet.
Photo copyright Alicia Jessop

2019 Wendy featured as lobster expert on HGTV's Beach Front Bargain Hunt in a tutorial on how to eat a Maine lobster.

How to Eat a Lobster Roll with Wendy

2020 Phyllis celebrates her 50th summer at Fox's.

Lobster Fun Facts
"The atmosphere is welcoming & casual, the staff is professional, and the view of the Nubble is fantastic!"

- Joann Duncanson


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